One of the things I remember as a kid, were my walks home from the school bus stop everyday. It was only about a half mile away from my house, but when you were 10, it seemed like the length of a marathon. Along the way, there was one huge hill that I would walk past with a housing community on top of it. Little did anyone know, hidden deep inside that hill was my black lion. THE Black Lion. On the lower right of the hill was a particular set of trees and shrubs that provided the perfect canopy that hid a tight little dark grove. Within that darkness was my secret entrance to the elaborate pipe tunnels that wisped me to the control cabin inside the head of the robot beast. In an instant, I would blast out of the mountainous hill with absolute resolve and aggression, WHOOSH! - leaving inadvertent destruction in my wake to race towards my fellow lions in need (sorry people on the hill). I would get there just in the nick of time, so we could come together to form the mechanical goliath and defender of the universe, Voltron! Then of course, we kick some ass. 


As a kid, there was nothing better than something capturing my imagination. Whether it was an picture, a toy, a book, a cartoon or a movie. There was nothing like it. To lose yourself like that was the best. I never realized how important that experience was until I got into filmmaking.


At the core of it, that’s all that matters. That moment of escape. That moment of curiosity. That moment where your imagination takes over. If I can give that to my viewers, even if for but a moment- then I might be doing something right.


If you have opportunities and projects that you feel I may be appropriate for, please feel free to contact me. I'm always interested in hearing new ideas and collaborating with new people.